Homa Bay‚ originally known as Chich Owuno (Onuno's market) but it was renamed to Homa Bay by colonialists in 1925 because it was overlooking the then Huma Hills in Karachuonyo.

Home to Ruma National Park i.e. the "Last Retreat of the Roan Antelope" The park was named after a powerful wizard‚ the much feared Gor Mahia who lived around the park. The most succesful football club in Kenya is named after the same wizard too.

Homa Bay people have a rich music heritage and are renowned for their benga music - an entertaining style in which songs in English‚ Swahili or Dholuo are played alongside an eight-string lyre called nyatiti.

One of the must visit places in Homa Bay is Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria. This large‚ mountainous island is known for its ancient geometric rock art‚ possibly 2‚000 years old and thought to have been created by early forager-hunters‚ perhaps a Twa people

Fly to Homa Bay for fishing‚ bird watching and hiking

You can also visit Nzenze Island and Sacred Forests and Peace Trees still used for ceremonies. There are affordable community run camping facilities and a holiday cottage at the Abasuba Community Peace Museum. You will be amazed by the area’s beauty!

We fly to Homa Bay from Wilson Airport and the flight takes 1 hour