Cheap Flights to Kitale

Sitatunga Antelope hiding in a swamp

Nestled in the north-west of Kenya, between the forested slopes of Mount Elgon and the ancient Cherangani Hills, is the rustic and charming agricultural town of Kitale.

The town features the Stoneham Museum, established in 1926, which provides a window into the region’s colonial history. Kitale is known as the doorstep to Kenya’s most remote wilderness: part of Kenya’s Rift Valley Province and its vast northern deserts.

Nearby Kapengura is the point from which to visit the world’s smallest nature reserve, Saiwa Swamp National Park, which is only 1.9km2, and home to the rarest and shyest of African antelopes, the semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope. Special viewing platforms have been built in the park from which visitors can see this unusual beast that often hides under water with only its nose showing.

When are you flying to Kitale?

This agricultural city is a gateway to some of the most rewarding excursions in the region from the Elephant Caves of Mount Elgon to the first museum in Kenya, Stoneham Museum.

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