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Lodwar is the capital of Turkana county. Founded in 1933 when by trader named Shah Mohamed.

Turkana county is known for intricately woven baskets ranging in size from minute to 100L size. Women at the market hawk wares such as brooms, baskets, makekas (woven sleeping mats), beads, and tire sandals.

Eliye Springs with a fresh-water mineral spring to quench thirst, endless palm fringed sand beaches, and a massive sand dune from which one can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Turkana the spot truly is heavenly destination.

Fly to Lodwar, the cradle of mankind

Lodwar, is the Turkana capital and by far the biggest settlement in the county and has a host of night clubs with a vibrant night life

Did you know that Lodwar has over 300 days of sunshine every year? You can pass the time wonderfully on the 290 kilometres long sandy beaches of Lake Turkana the whole year round watching Nile crocodiles which are found in great abundance on the flats. The rocky shores are also home to scorpions and carpet vipers.

Lake Turkana National Parks are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sibiloi National Park lies on the lake's eastern shore, while Central Island National Park and South Island National Park lie in the lake.

An abundance of hominid fossils have been discovered in the area surrounding Lake Turkana.

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