An oceanic jewel protected by the Marine National Park and 120 miles north of Mombasa‚ Malindi is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist coastal destinations with some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world.

Scuba diving‚ deep sea fishing and kitesurfing are popular activities‚ taking advantage of‚ but also funding the protection of‚ the most important coral coastlines in the Indian Ocean. Within easy reach of the beach‚ and protected by reefs of coral‚ tropical aquatic creatures of every size‚ don brilliant‚ vibrant and awe inspiring colours and patterns. The giants of the deep reside just beyond the reefs.

Between August and March‚ marlin‚ sailfish and yellow fin tuna offer the keenest of sports fishermen a unique challenge and for others‚ thousand-strong pods of dolphins patrol the waters‚ occasionally interrupted by humpback whales and giant turtles.

Inland‚ the Gedi ruins‚ an ancient lost city‚ stands well preserved and provides a fascinating insight into the Arabic communities who controlled the coastline.

Fly to Malindi - Little Italy

Explore the city’s history in addition to enjoying its nature and end your day in one of the fishing ports‚ where the restaurants serve mouthwatering meals. Those looking to enjoy some nightlife will find plenty of it in Malindi!

We fly to Malindi from Lamu and Wilson Airports